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Since the forming of DLPS, we've been busy assembling some of the best marketing expertise, creative and technical savvy anywhere.



Our Vision

“Changing perceptions towards Daylighting & Shades”

The company was setup with the vision of enabling residential, commercial and industrial building spaces to use daylighting systems to improve the quality of living spaces and reduce the cost of electrical lighting. Through this process it creates a positive environmental impact. DLPS is marketing daylighitng products and systems to suit the different needs in working and living spaces...

DLPS is pioneering the concept of Daylighting technologies for the first time in India

Innovations are changing the world and how we stand. Lifestyle patterns have changed, consumers are more informed and they’re demanding personalized attention, on their terms. Further changes in lifestyle patterns and additional technology advances are sure to come.

In today’s world, we must work harder and be more creative for our solutions to be noticed by the intended audience. To make a lasting impression, we need to motivate individuals to interact and provide them with a memorable experience. We need to embrace emerging solutions and current lifestyle patterns and fully integrate this knowledge into our strategies. We need to improve the way we use technology.

All solutions can and should be innovative.


Our Mission

“Business opportunities grow from good relationships”

We’re growing our business by developing mutually beneficial long-term personal and business relationships with our employees, clients, suppliers and partners.

Our growth enables us to cultivate and enhance our existing relationships. As a larger and more profitable company, we will provide: greater career opportunities and compensation for our employees, more comprehensive and enhanced solutions to our clients, more business for our suppliers and a long-term financial return for our investors.


One-way relationships are generally short-term in nature. We’re developing valuable, mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our clients and partners. And we’re committed to building a community and forging valuable relationships with like-minded and inspired individuals.


We seek employees that believe in our vision, mission and values and are willing to do what it takes to achieve our goals. In return, we will do our best to challenge you, provide you with long term stability, personal growth and leadership required for you to succeed both personally and professionally.


We seek clients that are open to innovative solutions, that challenge us, that appreciate the value of what we do and that are willing to pay us fair value for our services. In return, we commit to using our skills and resources to help you achieve your business and personal goals.






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