The Miracle Daylight System
"Harvesting Sunlight without Heat"

Working long-term in electric lighting is believed to be deleterious to health, working by daylight is believed to result in less stress and discomfort.


A pipe that conducts ambient sunlight to desired location in the building interiors.

DLPS first to offer Daylighting solutions in India.



How it works?


Light Collector


  • Highly durable and inflammable polymeric material, UV resistant, Light collector collects daylight from all angels and transfers the light effectively throughout the day, year on year..


Reflective System


  • Corrosion resistant High reflectance coating transfers above 90% of light without colour shift about 300 days. It increases light input at low angles for greater light output.


Light Diffuser


  • The light diffuser disperse the light uniformly without bright spot, glare and no colour shift








Light Control


Dimmer is avaliable to control brightness with different diffusers.


Diffuser - Options


  • Clear Bright
  • Opal White
  • Optical Bright
  • Prismatic



Diffuser - Models


  • Round Flat Diffuser
  • Round Dome Diffuser
  • Square Flat Diffuser




Electrical Lighting


LightTube™ - Daylight System designed to reach out dark spaces. Reflective system is provided with 45° and 90° bends.








  • Cool day light
  • Saves Electricity
  • Exposure to natural daylight is beneficial to keep up the mental and
    physical well being
  • Better natural light conditions were linked to improved productivity
    and safety of personnel
  • Reduces the risk of business disruption due to power failures


Electrical Lighting

LightTube™ - Daylight System


Advantages over Conventioal Roof Light or Strip Lighting


  • Light capture is high at low sun angles (i.e before 9am and after 3pm).
  • Bright light for 10 - 12hrs in a day.
  • No heat build up.
  • Uniform light dispersion.
  • Daylight can reach false ceiling covered areas.



Conventioal Roof Light or Strip LightingLightTube™ - Daylight System






  • Provides bright natural day light to the interiors
  • Works efficiently even on rainy days
  • Negligible heat transfer
  • Zero UV radiation
  • Can reach darker interiors by bending the pipe
  • Long life (Min. of 20 years)





Application guide lines


The below table is a guide line for sizes of light pipe, light output and area they can cover



Clear sky mid day*

Clear sky morning & evening*


Area lift up(approx)
Max. length
12000 Lux
4000 Lux
900-1000 Sqft
Short Length
9000 Lux
3000 Lux
400-500 Sqft
12 Meters
4000 Lux
1500 Lux
200-250 Sqft
8 Meters
2000 Lux
1000 Lux
Above 100 Sqft
5 Meters
Reflective system is avaliable with 45° & 90° Bends.










  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Corridors
  • Schools
  • Institutions
  • offices
  • Living
  • rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Toilets
  • Staircases

















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How does the DLPS LightTube daylighting system work?

The lightTube daylighting captures the sunlight from roof top and pipes it down through reflective tubing to the interior space. The diffuser at the end of tubing distributes the light in all directions.


How about overcast/Cloudy day?

The LightTube day lighting system provides good performance even in cloudy days. Our silver coated tubes transfer the maximum amount of sunlight into the room in diffused weather conditions. In overcast conditions where ambient light is 40,000-50,000 lux, 530 mm LightTube delivers 1400-1500 lux.


How about the Heat?

Unlike regular Skylights, the lightTube day lighting system conducts light only and not heat because of static air column. As the length of Reflective tubing increases, the heat transfer reduces. Even double glazed diffusers can be provided.

How about UV radiation?

The LightTube System has a top UV absorbing polycarbonate dome and bottom diffuser which absorbs 99% UV radiation. The light transmitted will not fade the interiors of building and not harmful.

How durable the LightTube system is?

The system life expectancy is 20 years.


Can the LightTube System work for Lower Floors in Multilevel building?

Yes, if there is a duct or opening for the tubes to run through from roof. The LightTubes are to be weather protected. The southern face of building can be tapped to bring the light inside.


Can the LightTube System work for basement application?

Yes, the LightTube daylighting System can enter from side wall. All it needs a shadow free area to tap the external Sunlight. The LightTube to be weather protected.


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Does the LightTube System require maintenance?

The LightTube daylighting System is a minimal maintenance product. In very dusty areas, the top domes are to be cleaned periodically.


Any side effects in use of LightTube day lighting System?

Studies the world over has proved that exposure to natural day light is beneficial to keep up the mental and physical health. Fluorescent light causes sickness.


Would there be any Leakages?

The flashing plate provided connects the roof to the light collecting dome. The Flashing Plate is made to the profile of the roofing system so that any leakages are avoided.


Can LightTube bend:

LightTube can have bends which are generally provided as 30 degrees and 45 degrees to transport the light across any obstacles.


Diffusers types?

Diffusers are provided in 2 shapes - flat and Spherical (Dome shape) and two materials - clear, textured and soft white.



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